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The 4 biggest hazards at construction sites are well-known

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2024 | Uncategorized

Construction workers often need to handle dangerous equipment and work at significant elevations. An incident on the job could put someone in the hospital or leave them incapable of working in the future. The pay provided to construction workers is a reflection of the risk that they accept when they take a job. However, workers should not have to gamble with their lives to earn a living wage.

Businesses should make every reasonable effort to reduce known safety issues. The four most serious safety concerns for construction workers are well-known and therefore largely preventable with the right safety practices. What are statistically the biggest concerns in the construction industry?


Falls are arguably the best-known and most common safety concern for construction professionals. Obviously, falling from a significant elevation, such as multiple stories about the ground, puts a worker’s life at risk. Falls from lower elevations can also lead to severe injuries and sometimes worker fatalities.

Struck-by incidents

Gravity doesn’t just lead to workers falling. It also means that there is a constant risk of materials and tools falling from higher points at a construction site. Struck-by incidents involving falling materials or equipment can cause debilitating injuries and may sometimes lead to a worker dying.

Caught-between incidents

There are many ways in which a construction worker could suffer a caught-in or caught-between incident in the workplace. Excavation-related incidents are among the most common scenarios that lead to caught-in injuries. Someone working below grade in a trench could end up severely hurt if the sides of the trench don’t have proper support. Caught-between incidents can cause crushing injuries and can fatally injure workers.


Exposure to electricity is a serious safety issue on the average construction site. Obviously, professionals working to install electrical supply are at risk of exposure. Electrical shock can cause brain injuries and burns. It could also lead to a worker falling or dropping items that might hurt someone else.

Unfortunately, despite widespread knowledge about these risks, they remain a persistent threat in construction settings. Workers who end up hurt on the job and families who lose their loved ones because of construction incidents may need to pursue compensation to replace their lost wages and cover medical expenses.